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BUNKS-N-US is a family-owned manufacturer of premium quality, high-end Adult Bunk Beds that are equally suited for children.  We have been in business since July 2005 fulfilling one simple commitment to our customers:

You will not find a sturdier bunk bed or a better bunk value anywhere at any price--PERIOD.

Our premium quality bunk beds provide a standard of handcrafted durability and quality finish that sets them apart from mass-produced, factory bunk beds.  Our beds are made one-at-a-time, by hand, using only Southern Yellow Pine, the strongest conifer in North America.  While more difficult to work with, the benefit to our customer is a stronger bed with superior finishing properties that can be enjoyed for generations.  Our high-end designs are perfect for homeowners and businesses looking to optimize space and provide pleasing, comfortable accommodations when families and friends congregate.  In the rental market, our beds are perfect for increasing revenue.  Elegance, sophistication and commercial quality come together to satisfy the most discerning customers.