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Social Consciousness

Even though today, a huge segment of our business is now in adult bunk beds, we honor the fact that our beginning was with children. Consequently, we proudly support two of the best organizations helping of children in America;  Father Flanagan’s Boys Home and St. Jude’s’ Children’s’ Research Hospital. Additionally, we support numerous other worthy causes including:

  • Medshare – supplier of surplus medical equipment to communities in need around the world.
  • Circle of Hope – services for victims of domestic violence.
  • GPB – Georgia Public Broadcasting.
  • USO – Supporting our active duty troops for 75 years. 

Additionally, BUNKS-N-US includes in its ownership and/or management team:

50% Female; 50% Veteran, as well as minority and senior ownership.

A word about our name.

We started out in 2005 as BUNKS-R-US. A few years later, a certain toy company objected to what they considered infringement. A customer of ours suggested that “when you get a bed from them (us) you not only get the bed, you get Tom and Linda too. Their service is top rate. You should call it BUNKS-AND-US”. We shortened the “and” and became BUNKS-N-US©. We did our homework to make certain that the new name was OK – even with the toy company. By the way, they are out of business now and we’re still going strong.