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Professional Bunk Bed Designs

Our bunk and loft beds are designed by a Registered Professional Engineer – our founder – with safety in mind. From the very beginning in our garage, ALL of our bunk and loft beds have met (and usually exceeded) the requirements of the American Consumer Safety Commission. After all, three of our four grandchildren sleep in our products.

By actual field test, we have had three adults on the upper level of our twin beds – 480 lbs. of them. Perhaps even more impressive, we’ve had five fraternity brothers on just one level of our Full/Full bunk beds. Over 800 lbs. of them. While you’re not likely to load your beds this way, you can rest easy knowing that they will stand up to any adult (or herd of kids) that sleep there.

Our designs are classic. They are ultra-sturdy without looking boxy or clunky. Customers want strength, for sure, but we achieve our strength without resorting to oversized components (like large corner posts) because of lesser quality wood.

The secret lays in both the design and our use of only Southern Yellow Pine materials.