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General Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. We are glad you’re here! We get it. You have questions and we have answers. Continue reading to view all of our most frequently asked questions.

Still have questions? No problem. Please feel free to call us directly at 706-760-5043 or send us an email at We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours or the following business day. 

How long does it take to get my bunk bed?

Normally it takes 10 days to two weeks from the receipt of your order. Shop time is dependent on our work load at the time of your order. It could take longer if we’re working on a big commercial order. Holiday orders: A word of caution! If you want your bunk bed(s) delivered for Christmas, please submit your order in before Thanksgiving. If you wait until later, we will try our best, but no guarantees. Santa just loves our bunk beds and he keeps us very busy.

Do you offer paint finishes?

Yes. However, painting is more labor-intensive and requires a primer as well. Any paint color is an additional $200 per bed.

Do you sell mattresses?

Yes. We can have brand new mattresses drop-shipped directly to you. Twin mattresses begin as low as $221. Call or email for details. Our mattresses are made in Durham, NC by LC Industries. LCI is a fine old company, a major supplier for the US Navy and the largest employer of the blind in America. Good products; good folks!

We’ve looked everywhere for high quality wooden bunk beds. They run a small fortune – if you can even find one. Yours are priced at one-half or less than the other adult bunk bed sites. Why?

It’s simple. We are a small company. We have no store, no massive overhead. A store would double the price of our products. We don’t try to “make a killing” on our work. We do one thing – make bunk beds – and we do it very well. If you can find a better bunk bed or a better value bunk anywhere, buy it. But you won’t. Our customers have told us that for over 14 years now.

Do you have discounts for church groups?

Yes. We offer modest discounts for both multiple unit purchases (five or more) and for Church or and charity (501-3-c) groups. We also offer that discount for active-duty military families. Our founder also served our country in the US Army. Call or email us for details.

What’s a commercial grade bunk bed?

It’s the same best-selling, sturdy Paul Bunyan series bunk bed but with five proprietary hardware and process steps added for even more strength and longevity. They were developed for a fraternity house at the University of Southern California and are now used at dozens of camps, hotels, dormitories all over the country where the customer wants the ultimate in strength and safety. The cost is just $99 over the price of the Paul Bunyan model you choose. Developed in 2012, it is now the fastest-growing segment of our product line. Our Commercial Grade bunk beds redefine the term sturdy.

What are bunky boards?

Bunky boards are a safety item. They are standard on all of our beds and take the place of traditional bed slats. Our bunky boards are made of ¾” thick cabinet grade A/C plywood and are screwed directly to the bed cleats. A bonus with bunky boards is that you don’t have to buy a box spring. Your mattress goes right on top of the board.

We’re looking for something a little different than we see on your site. Do you do custom bunk beds?

We sure do! Probably a third of what we make are not our “standard” designs. Just call us at 706-760-5043 or e-mail us at with your request. Check out the “Custom Designs” section of the website for ideas or send us an email to help you brainstorm.

Are your bunk beds made of real wood?

Absolutely! We use nothing but solid Southern Yellow Pine on all our bunk beds. Unlike many of our competitors, we DO NOT use: White pine, poplar, particle board, plywood, plastics, metal pipes or tubing, or sawmill trim ends. Nothing but natural, SOLID Yellow Pine.

Do you finance or take credit cards?

Yes! We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards through our secure merchant account. We also accept personal checks. If you’re local, we do accept cash. For checks, please allow about two weeks for processing.

How sturdy are your bunk beds?

Our bunk and loft beds are made of solid 2” Southern Yellow Pine. SYP is the strongest conifer in North America – harder, in fact, than many hardwoods. By actual field test, we have had three grown men on top of a twin bunk bed – 480 lbs. of us. On a full/full bunk bed, we have had five fraternity brothers (over 800 lbs.) on one level. These are the sturdiest bunk beds available. There is a picture of them on the full/full bunk bed product page.

Please note: Do not try any of these tests on a bunk bed at the furniture store. Our designs are certified by a Registered Professional Engineer and all of them meet or exceed the requirements of the American Consumer Safety Commission.

Is there a place where I can see the bunk beds?

Yes. Although we don’t have a store (thus saving our customers money) we have a small showroom here in Toccoa, Ga. It is open Monday through Saturday by appointment only. You are welcome to come and see our work, meet us and make your decision here. We have found, however, that most customers today are comfortable making their purchases using the internet, e-mail and telephone. Either way is fine with us?

Can I pick up my bunk bed myself?

Absolutely. While most of our out-of-state customers choose commercial delivery, you are close, you are welcome to save the delivery cost by coming to get it yourself. We have complete assembly instructions and all hardware is included. The headboards are pre-assembled on our assembly jigs. All you have to do is install the bed rails, safety rails and bunky boards. You’ll need modest mechanical skills, a helper and simple tools. You will need a full-size pickup truck or van to transport it home.

How are the bunk beds finished?

Are bunk beds are planed, puttied, triple sanded and stained with two coats of warm wood tone stains (see stain cart on product pages). They are then finished with two coats of semi-gloss clear lacquer for good looks and ease of maintenance.

What stain colors are available?

See the Minwax oil stain color chart to the right side of any product page. Or E-mail us and we can send you a color chart. All of the stain shades shown are included in the price.

We want a bunk bed for our grandson in Colorado. Do you ship there?

Absolutely. We ship to all of the lower 48 states. We have two freight brokers who contact all the reputable freight companies going to your area. They choose the lowest cost, dependable furniture shippers and give us the choice. We have customers from Maine to Southern California, and from Disney World in Florida to Seattle, Washington. 48 states now and growing.


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We love to build custom solid wood beds. Our team stands ready to help you build your piece(s) of heirloom furniture that will stand the test of time. If you have a custom idea in mind, give us a call today!

BUNKS-N-US is a family-owned manufacturer of premium handcrafted bunk beds based in Georgia.

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